Festival rules

The most important rule at a festival with many people is of course: make it a treat! And keep a close eye on those few rules that we list below.

We do not serve alcoholic beverages to young people under 18! The bar staff can ask you for identification!

Camera surveillance:
Cameras watch over you and our safety. Everyone who visits our event agrees to make recordings. In case of calamities these recordings can be shown as supporting material to government agencies.

Photo & video recordings:
During the festival, photos & recordings will be made for promotional purposes. Everyone who visits our event agrees with this.

If it’s a simple camera, you can bring it. Professional equipment is not allowed; devices with detachable lenses are not allowed anyway, just like film cameras and recording equipment. Selfie sticks are also forbidden!
People of the Press must report in advance via email to the organization.

Drugs (and other illegal means):
According to Dutch law it is forbidden to have illegal substances as drugs with you or to trade.

Food / Drinks
Bringing your own food & drinks is not allowed on location. Visitors with food allergies or a special diets need to send an e-mail to the organization (metalfest@daemonos.com).

Filming (with handycam and the like) is not allowed at the festival location. Sound recordings are also forbidden. Only simple photo cameras (appliances without detachable lens set) are allowed.

It is not permitted to smoke inside, only at the smoking location outside the location.

It is not allowed to trade goods, to flyer and to sample at the location and the parking lots without permission from the organization.

Animals are not allowed for their own good.

Dress code:
Wearing clothes from a certain football club or other clubs is not permitted, as is clothing with offensive or racist texts.

The organization and / or its employees can not be held liable for any injury and / or material or immaterial damage.

Legitimation obligation:
During the festival, identification is required, just like in the rest of the Netherlands.

Minimum advice age:
There is a minimum advisory age of 16 years. Younger visitors should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

In case of doubt or discussion, the Festival Organization or the person in question is always right.