Tom Bronneberg

Tom Bronneberg


Daemon Form : Destroyer of Nigh
Human Name : Tom Bronneberg
Date of Resurrection : 05-08-1981
Weapon of Choice : 7-string Battle Axe
Torture Methods : Disembowelment and Impalement by Unicorn


According to my passport/ID my name should be Tom ‘Crashmaster’ Bronneberg and I’m the guitarist of the band. My gear exists of: ENGL Invader 150 Power Amp or Kemper Profiler, Marshall 1960A Lead 4×12” Cabinet, Ibanez RGD2127FX&Z 7-string Guitar And lots of secret audio enhancing little boxes placed in one huge box that’s to heavy for any normal human to carry, so I always ask the drummer to cary it for me (although he does not answer to that question.)

There was a time when I was a bit smaller and back then I already listened to my dads old records from bands like ELO, Deep Purple, Mike Oldfield, ToTo and so on. Later on it went towards the Metal side! I started playing the keyboards at the age of 7, later on however I picked up the guitar and started to jam with some friends. After several bands we had trouble finding a decent drummer, so to make a long story short, I bought a drumkit. Nowadays my main focus lies with the guitar and running my own recording studio (TomBsTone Studio) grants me with loads of inspiration.

I love bands such as Death, Opeth, Symphony-X, Mike Oldfield, King Diamond, Animals as Leaders Marillion and almost all 80’s music.

During the day I spend my time – when not tending to my favourite things as creating music, hanging out with friends, playing video-games, watching movies/tv-shows or goofing around with my kids – I work as a Fulltime Technical Service Engineer and next to that as a parttime Studio Producer for

I really, really, really do not like DJ’s (live show laptop running mofo’s), managers, architects, little dogs that don’t stop barking and semi amateur “my spandex is just a little to tight but I still think im winning the tour de france” cyclists. Now I want to thank the guys from Daemonos for having me as they secretly have been my number 1 favourite band ever!