Robin Ritzen

Robin Ritzen


I am Robin Ritzen, the guitarist of the band. Currently I play on my Ibanez Iron Label RGIR27BR-WNF Walnut Flat 7-String through my Marshall MG100HCFX, Marshall 412ACF Cabinet and Boss GT-100.

At first I started with playing the drums, yet very soon after I discovered that my heart belongs to playing guitar. I listen to music 24/7 and I personally think that the guitars are what create the atmosphere of a song. Bands such as Slipknot and Rammstein drew me into the ‘faster’ types of Metal and luckily it did not stop there! Nowadays I draw my inspiration from more extreme bands such as Hate, Behemoth and Aborted but also the ‘softer’ bands as Insomnium and Katatonia.

Some of my favourite bands are well known with the names of Carach Angren, Dark Fortress, Dark Funeral, Taake, Abbath, Inquisition, Belphegor, Hate, Behemoth, Aborted and Cattle Decapitation.

After wasting time to my hobbies such as creating music, playing video-games and spending time with my girlfriend, I prefer to have a dinner existing of pancakes or meat, loads of meat.

The same as my brother I am still in school yet in the weekends I work for a catering company under the name of Dave Culinair.

As music is a big part of my life the thing that gets on my nerves the most would be music that is created without any skill needed.

Last but not least, I want to personally thank all of you guys for supporting Daemonos!