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Mike Vogels

Mike Vogels


The name would be Mike Vogels or as you may call me ‘Goatchrist’ and I deliver the lovely smooth vocals in the band. Unlike the others I do not have that much gear, I possess a Shure PG58 Wireless Microphone at the moment and that would be all – oh and good looks and a humongou- enough.

Ever since the beginning when I still was a little brat, I often was exposed to bands such as Kiss and Iron Maiden. I always wanted to play bass or guitars from that point UNTIL.. I got crushed by a band named Bloodbath, the first time I heard those vocals I wanted to do that too. So I became one! Currently I just try to do my own thing yet.

This probably will get real awkward real quick as I my favourite bands/artist are probably the softest music known to man. Bands such as Milking the Goatmachine, Kataklysm, Vulvectomy, Putrid Pile, Gutalax, Abominable Putridity, Vulvodynia, King Diamond, Vivaldi etc. The list would be way too long so I will stop right here.

After a day of work (My job involves many annoying customers who put fuel in their car and need to pay or want something fr- I WORK AT A GASSTATION OKAY?!) I can relax with a good video-game session, writing, fool around with photoshop, annoy my girlfriend, watch a movie/series (prefer to watch with the girlfriend) before I go ahead and have dinner. You can wake me
anytime for some wok (do I say this right in english?), you know the type of food containing chinese stuff, also just bami with sate is good enough and last but not least I enjoy good types of meat!

Thanks for the awesome support, we really appreciate it, we are working hard on some special stuff we hope to give information about soon! Keep coming to our shows and support the band/scene! We will come near you sooner than you could eat a piece of fucking pie!

Do not forget, never forget, mosquitos, humanity in general (but I love you all!), cooked but still frozen food and Robin Ritzen gets on my freakin’ nerves! (This list also can go on and on and on)