Harald Bouten

Harald Bouten


Daemon Form : Bender of Wills
Name : Harald Bouten
Date of Resurrection : 29-12-1989
Weapon of Choice : Vocals
Torture Methods : Rapturer of eardrums.


My name is Harald and I’m the vocalist of the band. At this moment I am the newest Daemon of the unholy union but I’ve been a supporter of the band since the very beginning.

My musical career started as a drummer and besides doing vocals for Daemonos I am also the drummer for the bands Into the Arcane and Pictura Poesis.
Some of my favority bands include: Amorphis, Behemoth, Cattle Decapitation, Dream Theater, Gloryhammer, Kamelot, Ne Obliviscaris, Nightwish and Septic Flesh.

Besides music my interest lies in Science. After studing physics I started a career as a Mad Scientist with which I teach Science to children in elementary school.

My favority foods include fresh pasta genovesa with parmigianno reggiano, tuna sashimi with a splash of soysauce and off course the mega Kapsalon with garlic sauce from Istanbul Helmond.
Besides that a Quarter Pounder is my favorite fastfood burger but I envy the Germans for still having the McRib.

Sometimes I have time to play video games.
6,7&9 are the best Final Fantasy games and LttP > OoT imho.
The Green Mile is a great movie and Death Note is a briljant anime. The Last Airbender is a great series and I hope A Song of Ice and Fire get’s finished some day..