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Daemonos was founded in the south of The Netherlands during the rainy autumn of 2013. While blending the pure brutality of Death Metal with the cold atmosphere of Black Metal, unique songs take shape. Powerful screeching guitars, Chilling Soundscapes, Demonically fast war drums and Inhuman vocals are the key elements that create the identity of the band.

The band played various shows Supporting bands like Rotting Christ, Sawthis, FleshCrawl, Carach Angren, Suffocation and many more.

In September 2015 the band released their first DEMO/EP entitled Primogenitus Daemonium pt. 1 “Infernum In Terra”. This release contained 5 songs, which gave a good impression of the variety the band offers.

During 2017 they released a uniquely recorded single “INRI” during new musician trainee ship sponsored by pop music Limburg.

Summer 2018 they 2nd EP “Asger the Collector” was released turning a new page in Deamonium history.

Currently the Daemons are working on there first full length ALBUM.